Knutsford First Responders to Launch Recruitment Campaign in Early 2021

Knutsford Guardian, 29th November 2020

With the effects of the corona virus restricting the group’s key activities, the Knutsford First Responders are examining how they will be resumed and expanded in the new year.

“Working alongside the North West Ambulance Service we have continued to respond throughout the pandemic, albeit with a smaller team,” said Adrian Rees from Knutsford Community First Responder Trust. “We will need to recruit new First Responders to join our existing team to strengthen our 24/7 cover for 999 calls in the Knutsford area post the pandemic. Unfortunately, NWAS is currently unable to provide new recruits with the training necessary to graduate as fully trained First Responders.We will therefore be embarking on a new recruitment campaign sometime in early 2021.”

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