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World Health Organization recognises Young Sudden Cardiac Death

This week we saw one of the most important steps in our campaign to prevent Young Sudden Cardiac Deaths. For the first time, causes of death including SADS, ARVC, Short QT (alongside Long QT, Brugada and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) are now being recognised by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO has just released the ICD […]

Coping with Father’s Day by Alison Cox MBE

Fathers Day comes at a time of the year when Dads are happily poised, anticipating the prospect of being able to spend warm summer evenings enjoying outside activities with their family. Children love this time of year too. However the excruciating burden of coping with your feelings after a child has died suddenly changes the […]

British Cardiovascular Society Conference 2018 – Dr Steven Cox

Once again the team of Cardiac Risk in the Young doctors led by Professor Sanjay Sharma have had a massive impact at the British Cardiac Society conference this week. Some of the highlights included presentations from Prof Sharma, Dr Michael Papadakis, Dr Elijah Behr, Dr Sabiha Gati and Dr Aneil Malhotra. But the real highlight […]

New Insights Into Key Cause of Sudden Death Among Young Athletes

Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) is a rare inherited heart condition that has long been recognised as an important – yet elusive – cause of sudden cardiac death among young athletes. However, new research funded by the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) is challenging the conventional belief that ARVC is predominantly a disease […]

The critical issue of family screening

The critical issue of family screening – Alison’s Column Update 74 In 1995 when I started taking calls – nearly always from distraught mothers after the sudden death of their child – one of the most important things I knew that I needed to clarify was whether they had any other children because of the risk […]

12-month elite athlete heart screening programme launched in memory of Aaron Dixon

CRY are pleased to announce the launch of a 12-month heart screening programme for elite athletes at key sites across the UK in memory of Aaron Dixon (who tragically died from an undiagnosed heart condition, aged just 23) and thanks to support from the JD Foundation. The screenings will be delivered in partnership with the […]

Ajmaline test Q&A with Dr Michael Papadakis

Dr Michael Papadakis answers some of your questions about their recent research publication identifying the importance of routine ajmaline testing after a SADS death. Q. When families are referred after a sads death to the CRY Centre for Inherited Cardiac Conditions at St George’s Hospital would they always/usually have the ajmaline test on the same […]

CRY Update Magazine 74

Read Update 74 here CRY Update 74 reports on all the CRY news, events and fundraising from September to December 2017. October was an important month for research with the annual CRY Conference in London. A wide range of experts presented, including several CRY Research Fellows, CRY Consultant Cardiologist Professor Sanjay Sharma and Professor Mary […]

CRY’s Research Programme by Dr Steven Cox

In the UK, CRY are best known for raising awareness of cardiac conditions in young people, for the support we offer to those who have been affected, and for the cardiac screening services we offer to all young people. Throughout the rest of the world we are better known for the research we are publishing, […]

Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

Congratulations and a huge thank you to all the CRY runners who took part in the Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 on Sunday 22nd April on what has been reported as the hottest London Marathon on record! We’re extremely proud of all our runners and grateful to them all for choosing to support us. 99 […]

Brighton Marathon 2018

We would like to say congratulations to the 15 CRY runners that took part in the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 15th April 2018, a huge thank you and for their kind support and amazing fundraising efforts! Thousands came down to the seaside to watch the runners take on the challenge of the marathon, in what […]

CRY screen 7,000th young person on Isle of Man

As part of the ongoing mission to raise awareness and to help prevent young sudden cardiac death (YSCD) for the 12th year running, CRY will be holding a weekend of specialist heart screening at Noble’s Hospital on the Isle of Man on 28th and 29th April where around 400 young people, aged between 14 and 35, will […]

London Marathon 2018 race day information

We are so looking forward to having you as part of our team on Sunday 22nd April. Please included below some links to useful information for the day in this email. Please refer to the relevant section relating to your start point. Brand new for 2018, you can now add a CRY London Marathon frame […]

Anniversaries following a young sudden cardiac death

In May 2016 CRY launched a powerful new booklet for families learning to navigate their emotions through the seemingly endless anniversaries and “important dates” they find themselves faced with following the tragic death of a young person from an undiagnosed heart condition. The booklet, ‘Anniversaries: following a young sudden cardiac death’ was compiled by CRY’s […]