London Marathon 2001 Heart Runners

This year 118 runners completed the London Marathon. Caroline Gard  ran in memory of her son Andy who died a sudden cardiac death. Caroline’s third London marathon and she found it quite a different experience from before! Paul Davison ,Mat Wilson ,the first costume to cross the line.

Captain Charlie Roberts from the Lincoln Army Mess also had a great day. As did Neil Ditch, Mark Orchard and Terry Brokenshire , firefighters at Westbourne Firestation in Redhill Bournemouth and Steve McDaid  and Gordon Childs lifeguards at Goldenstones Leisure Centre, Yeovil. Mick Gore ran in memory of Therese Field. Other members of the CRY team included Andrew and Carol Grout, Patricia Argent and Jacqueline Annals from the Tone Zone running club; and Anthony Northover and Alan Knuckey from the Westminster Arms.