Marathon mum

A Drayton mum has just made the news by completing the London Marathon – guess what, it was me!

I’m Caroline Wishart and I’ve been preparing for the run all year but as the big day drew nearer I just wanted it to be over.

I achieved my goal, which was to complete the race in less than four hours.

I made a new Year’s resolution to run the marathon and raise £1000 for the charity CRY Cardiac Risk in the Young. Portsdown Hill provided me with a tough training ground but I found the fund raising a bigger challenge.

At first it was quite a worry trying to work out how I could come up with the cash. The first person I approached was the manager of our local Indian restaurant. He kindly agreed to donate 10 per cent of the bill when we held a girl’s night out there.

Local people were really great. Friends, family, neighbours and even complete strangers have been wonderful.

A few people said I was crazy to sign up for the run, but everyone rallied together to help raise the money.

I couldn’t have achieved the target without their support.

The Drayton House on the Hill, Cosham Rotary Club, the Fighting Cocks Pub in Gosport and the staff at the Whale Island Damage Control and Firefighting School have been great.

Another one of my tasks was to organise a giant toy sale at Drayton House. People donated their old toys or I sold them on their behalf.

I combined efforts with Solent Infant School, which currently has a huge campaign to raise money for new computer equipment. I also held raffles and several tabletop sales.

Marathon day itself was a truly fabulous day.

Its an amazing event and the crowds really turned out in force to offer support. The organisers do an incredible job to make sure that it all goes to plan and everyone enjoys themselves.

At the finishing line I was delighted to find out that CRY had arranged for all their runners to have a relaxing leg massage at the repatriation area.