Matthew Carscadden by Maisie Carscadden

From a little sister perspective, Matt was my best friend. He was the first one to teach me many things, including how to sneak an extra hour in bed before school (which involved us getting ready in our uniforms the night before and essentially just rolling out of bed out of the door! This lasted one night because we discovered it was too hot to sleep with both a polo top and a jumper on under our duvet!).

Matt was always one for crazy ideas, which seemed crazy at the time but they actually worked! I remember once Matt had a craving for some cheese on toast after school, and my mum had walked in to the toaster on it’s side and he had made a mini grill (massive fire hazard) but it worked a treat!

One interest which Matt and I could talk about for hours on end, was music. We constantly kept each other updated with new songs and spoke for hours over the phone about new albums. One thing I think everyone could agree on is ,Matt had an impeccable taste in music and was very open minded when listening to new (strange) music.

Matt and I were more like twins than brother and sister, we had such a close relationship. Matt’s life revolved very much around his family and friends, even when he was travelling the world he would always check in and make sure we all knew where he was off to on his next adventure.

In all honestly Matt deserved a medal for living in a house with two women for so long! Back in April Matt made a trip over to the UK, we met family in London one evening, including our little brother and sister who are based in Rome. At dinner I remember looking over and seeing Matt reassuring Ewan that ‘it doesn’t get any easier, believe me’. I will never know where the patience Matt quickly learnt to have with my mum and I came from, but I can’t thank him enough.

Matt loved socialising and meeting new people, when he turned up you knew it would be a wild night! On many occasions when Matt and I met up, he always introduced me to new and obscure drink he had tried when travelling. His amazing smile lit up any room, he would not take any excuses and on many occasions told me to ‘just do it’! I am just so glad I got to have such a unique relationship with him, he really was the best big brother a girl could ask for.

Maisie Carscadden