Missing you – poem by Kathryn Badon

How much do we miss you Adrian?

Every minute of every day – we know you are not there,
No brotherly hugs, no loud giggles and laughter.
Where there was a strong life force – there is emptiness, silence, nothingness.
The energy, the storm, the character, the chaos, the unpredictability.

The lion heart, the courage, the kindness, the support, the love – where did they go?

We cling on fiercely to the memories, the pictures, the momentous, the shared experiences …..

Fearing that if we let that go you will have totally slipped away – never to be retrieved, never to return.

So we have welded you in our hearts, in our psyche, in our day to day actions. You now live on through us, with us, within us, and without us – a meta force in and amongst …..shining through the eyes of a three year old.

Kathryn Badon