Mother's call for heart screening

A woman from north Wales whose daughter died of a rare heart condition is helping to launch a campaign to raise awareness of sudden cardiac deaths.

Doreen Harley's daughter Lisa Browne (right) died aged 27 in January 1998 after she was startled by her alarm clock.

Members of Mrs Harley's family were later found to have the rare hereditary heart complaint Long QT Syndrome.

Mrs Harley is launching a postcard in north Wales for the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY).

The charity's UK-wide campaign aims to reduce sudden death from heart conditions in young people under the age of 35 by raising awareness.

The postcard shows eight young people in Wales who have died suddenly of a previously undiagnosed heart complaint.

According to the charity, that number of young people die suddenly each week in the UK from heart conditions.


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