Mum fights to stop illness which took 16-year-old son

After the death of her son to an unknown heart defect, Angela Butler, has set about raising awareness of Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY).
And so far Angela, from Hassam Parade, Wolstanton, has raised more than £25,000 and potentially saved the lives of many other young people in offering two cardiac screening events.
Nathan Butler died aged 16 in February 2006. He had an undiagnosed coronary defect which reduced the amount of blood being pumped around his body.
The Porthill Cricket Club all-rounder – who also represented Staffordshire – had shown no previous signs of any heart condition.
The screening events, which target 14 to 35 year olds, were held at Porthill Cricket Club in June. They picked up a total of 26 people with potentially life-threatening defects.
Angela, aged 51, said: “They could have ended up the same as Nathan. I know a couple of people that have been referred to a specialist but until they’ve had their tests done we won’t know the outcome. “If there’s just one person that has a warning sign and does something about it then we’ve done a good job.”
Each event screened 240 people at £35 per person costing £8,400 a time. To raise the money, Angela, a medical secretary at University Hospital of North Staffordshire, persuaded 62 of Nathan’s family and friends to run the Potters ‘Arf in June 2006, raising around £6,500. A variety night at Cobridge Coronation Club in March 2008 raised £1,210 split between CRY and Mencap. And she also arranged a 24-hour spinathon at Esporta Health and Fitness Club, in Etruria in January raising £2,000.
As well as spending nearly £17,000 on screenings, Angela’s fundraising has contributed £8,000 to the core fund of CRY. Now Angela has been nominated in the Charity Champion category of The Sentinel’s Our Heroes awards.
Founder and chief executive of CRY, Alison Cox, praised Angela.
She said: “Angela’s done tremendous things for CRY. It takes courage after such a tragedy to turn it round to help other people.
“She’s got great humility and determination.”