Mum's mission out of tragedy


untimely death of her young daughter has prompted a Teesside mum to try to

save others from a similar fate.

Margaret Wright, from

Thorntree, has started a fundraising campaign in her daughters name to

raise money for cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY).

Her 32-year-old daughter,

Mandi Blake was found at the foot of the stairs at her home in

Middlesbrough in November 2001.

An inquest in January

found no conclusive reason for the death, recording an open verdict.

Margaret’s own research

has led her to believe Mandi died from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome – SADS

– brought on by an abnormal heart rhythm, which cannot be detected at a

post mortem examination.


has now started the campaign to help CRY purchase machines that can detect

heart conditions in young people. SADS is believed to kill up to

eight young apparently healthy people each week in the UK.

“I want to raise

enough money to buy a mobile heart monitor which costs around

£5000”, said Margaret. “They can be brought into schools

and community centres to screen young people and help save lives.

“There are so many

of these heart defects, which often go undetected.

“If we can save one

kid’s life, it will mean Mandi did not die in vain”.