My Child – poem by Kathryn Badon

Poem photoMy child when first you did appear
I shed a mother’s joyous tear.
And then as first you started to walk
With motherly love of you I’d talk.
When then my child you did start to run
I’d chase and laugh, we’d have such fun.
First horse riding your passion and joy, As through Meanwood Valley you would trot as a boy.
Then fishing was your keen pursuit,
Your tackle I’d carry, bringing sandwiches and fruit Later golf became your interested sport, Pulling trolleys with clubs, but it came to nought, As into a man you did blossom and grow, Full of kindness and laughter, shared with those that you know.
Throughout this time I was near to your side, Watching you grow with motherly pride.
Leaving you space, to learn and grow
Into an independent man with compassion on show, But then my son, you did disappear, Now I cry and cry the saddest tears.
A mother with such a dreadful loss,
Can hardly bear to go on because..
The unthinkable has happened you see,
Without you my child. I will never be free, My son, my son I wish this wasn’t true, And every day I am missing you.
Please know something of me remains by your side, As a part of me has also died.
Between life and death a membrane so thin, As I close my eyes it just let’s you in.

Kathryn Badon