Online Fundraising

Personal fundraising web pages via Virgin Money Giving

Having your own personal web page for online fundraising allows you to concentrate on the event, whilst collection of money and Gift Aid declarations are taken care of automatically. Using a Virgin Money Giving donations web page is quick, easy, free and 100% secure. It is also tax efficient and reduces admin for CRY.

Click here to start set up a Virgin Money Giving page

Important information about Memorial Funds

If you want donations to your Virgin Money Giving page to go to a specific Memorial Fund you must specify the person’s name in the text on your Virgin Money Giving page. This is very important in helping us to keep track of where donations should be going.

Please also note that setting up a Virgin Money Giving page in memory of someone does not also automatically create a Memorial Fund for that person. You will still need to contact the CRY office to ‘officially’ set up the Memorial Fund.

Have a page made for you

If you experience any problems creating your Virgin Money Giving fundraising page, please contact and we will be happy to create the page for you. In order to do this we will need you to send us one or more photos, plus the exact text that you would like on your page.

Once your page is complete we will inform you of the login details which will allow you to edit your page as and when you please.

A note about Justgiving pages

CRY benefits more from donations made to Virgin Money Giving pages than it does from donations made to Justgiving pages. Whilst we encourage CRY supporters to use Virgin Money Giving pages as a preference, CRY will continue to be one of the charities that can be chosen when creating a Justgiving page. More details about creating Justgiving pages can be found here.