Rowing Half Marathon in Memory of Tom Bovington


I managed my half marathon row on the indoor rower in 1 hr 26 mins 46 seconds which I am really chuffed with. The chap I was up against, Dan, did his run in 1 hr 32 mins, a personal best for him. I hadn’t rowed past 10km before today so I was glad I managed to maintain my pace on what was a very humid morning here in Oman. My hands are in bits but my body and legs feel OK today!! We had lots of support for both of us at the outdoor gym and on Dan’s run and all of our colleagues have really got behind this which has been absolutely awesome.

My personnel page is sitting at £85 (+£21.25 gift aid) all to CRY and our joint page for the challenge has raised £1,070.20 (£1,298 with gift aid), half of which is going to CRY, half to Fitzroy. Overwhelmed by the support we have received!

Captain Jeremy Done