Royal Parks Half Marathon 2018

Congratulations and a huge thank you to the 12 runners who took part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon 2018 on behalf of CRY on Sunday 14th October 2018.

We are very grateful to each of our runners that took part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon and for their fantastic fundraising efforts for CRY. We would also like to thank the friends and family members that went along to cheer on the CRY runners and help them get around the course in what were very cold and wet conditions.

If you are interested in sending any write ups/photos or would like to take part in this event next year, please email or call the CRY office on 01737 363222 to register your interest for next year.

The CRY team this year consisted of:

Ravina Bhanot (in memory of Aashi Sinha), Rachel Hicks (in memory of Abigail O’Keefe), Leoni Wodehouse (in memory of Abigail O’Keefe), Josephine Evans, Zoscha Partos (in memory of Aashi Sinha), Tannavi Sharma (in memory of Aashi Sinha), Tom Stanford (in memory of Daniel Seager), Ben Seager (in memory of Daniel Seager), Matthew Thomson (in memory of Peter Thomson), Michael Fox (in memory of Richard Thomas), Billy Lewin and Mark Blease (in memory of Mathew Blease)