Screenings to take place at Rory’s Return

Wakefield Express, 10th May 2018

May 26th will see just over 100 young people screened at the Rory’s Return pub in Ackworth, in memory of Rory Embling. Rory died in 2014 from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, and since then his friends and family have raised £30,000 for CRY.

Rrory’s father, Chris Embling said of the day, “We have been raising money for CRY to fund this amazing opportunity so that other families might be spared the same heartache that we have endured. Please take the chance to have this free, painless test. We are so grateful for the support which we receive from friends, family and the community, who we call the Friends of Rory’s Foundation, which enables to continue our fundraising efforts.

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