Skydive in memory of Simon Carloss


I have been trying to think of a little story for you. I’ve read other peoples’ experiences on skydiving and decided that the adrenaline side of the event was virtually the same for most. I can concur that it was a huge rush and very very exciting.

I had a very patient and supportive instructor who was very keen to know why I was doing this. After explaining how I lost my husband to a heart condition and was raising money for CRY to help and, hopefully, prevent others being in my position, Dave talked to me about his personal issues. Everyone has a story. If there is anything I understand more from my own experience, it’s that.

Once the amazing rush of the freefall was over and the chute was opened, it was a very calming experience. Dave said to me that he believes in signs. And the one he sees very rarely during his skydives is a circular rainbow. A sign that they’re still there looking out for you. I kept my cool the whole time, from the ground to the aircraft even on the freefall, showing no emotion and being brave about the whole affair. It was when we approached a cloud when I saw it. Then lost it. It’s called a Brocken Spector. I’m sure a scientific person can explain the angles of light vs cloud formation, etc. that creates this image but I can tell you that my Simon was with me. Just then, right there.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of Simon. Not a day I don’t shed a tear. I know I am not alone but boy oh boy sometimes I feel so very alone. I often create some sort of charity event to raise money for CRY. Sometimes it’s a simple quiz night. I’ve held a masquerade ball. Skydiving… I do these things to fund raise, but mostly to find that moment I can be as close as possible to him. In doing so, I am reminded that I am not alone. None of us are. It is easy to fall into that rut but I would like to remind people that it is just as easy to get out of it.

Video of the Skydive here