Slimming World 5km Walk In Memory of Isabelle Tudisca


My name is Lorraine Abery and I work as a practice nurse in Buckhurst Hill but also run 3 Slimming World groups which are also in Buckhurst Hill every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. Every year, through my Slimming World groups, we try and raise money for charity. This year, CRY was selected as we try to look for local charities and a few of my members have been affected by what happened to Isabelle as their children attended the school at the time this tragedy happened. 

I arranged a 5k event in our local nature reserve for my members and their children, families and dogs. It didn’t matter how the 5k was completed, but what was apparent is how people work together to support charity. Buckhurst Hill Slimming World had a great time whilst getting healthy in raising money for CRY. I have to say I was blown away by my amazing members coming along and helping; participating and sticking their hands in their pockets to raise £755.00 for CRY.