Stars out in force to help promote charity

I was in London last week for the launch of the charity, CRY, which highlights cardiac arrest in the young.

It is a charity based around the very young, fit athletes who, without warning, suddenly drop dead with a heart attack.

At leas 95 per cent of abnormalities of the heart can be detected with tests, and this charity is to promote awareness among those involved in exercise. Most detected problems are manageable.

Some young athletes are walking around like ticking time-bombs. On the face of it, they are full of fitness, and yet they can suddenly lose their life because of a deficient heartbeat.

The company, Philips, has come on board to provide money for the charity to buy equipment, like ECG machines and other heart beat monitors that can provide some instant results.

Some sports, like cycling, are very good at testing their athletes regularly. This launch is being promoted under the banner of "save our athletes".

Cyclist Rob Hayles and swimmer Mark Foster were at the launch with me, as was Professor Greg Whyte, who is leading the research into this syndrome. Greg was the man who helped comedian David Walliams in his training and preparations for his swim across the Channel.

In fact, Greg himself, who is chairman of CRY, is planning an attempt on swimming the Channel on August 6, weather permitting.