CRY Update Magazine Issue 83

Issue 83 of the CRY Update reports on all news, events and fundraising from September to December 2020. Even with continued restrictions and lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CRY’s supporters remained active and engaged as always to raise funds and awareness however they could. On October 16, we held an online version of the […]

An interview with Dr Sabiha Gati on being a CRY Fellow and her research

In the medical community around the world, CRY is best known for research. Our research has helped transform our understanding of young sudden cardiac death, the conditions that cause it, and how we can save more young lives. Our Research Fellows have been instrumental in our developments over the years, so we spoke with former […]

CRY Research Highlights 2019

This issue of CRY’s Research Highlights covers all of our research news, conferences, and developments from 2019. As always, the CRY Conference in 2019 was a fantastic event, with some of the world’s leading experts in young sudden cardiac death and sports cardiology coming together to talk about their latest research. You can read all […]

CRY Research Highlights 2020

CRY’s new digital Research Highlights booklet covers all of our research news, conferences, and developments from 2020. This issue includes videos of all presentations from the 2020 virtual CRY International Medical Conference (page 2), full video recordings of excellent webinars hosted by Professor Sanjay Sharma and Dr Michael Papadakis (page 5), and interviews with several […]

Looking Back at 25: The history of Heart Month

For over a decade, February has been recognised as Heart Month – a global awareness initiative, highlighting the prevalence and impact of heart conditions on people of all ages. Originally created in the U.S. back in 2009, the campaign took a couple of years to become fully established in the UK – however, CRY was […]

Dr Sabiha Gati’s interview with SunRise Radio

To help kick off Heart Month 2021 Sunrise Radio invited former CRY research fellow and now current myheart Consultant Cardiologist Dr Sabiha Gati to speak with them about her research fellowship with CRY and her continuing work with the charity. Sunrise Radio have selected CRY as their charity of the year to help raise awareness and […]

Looking Back: The history of myheart

Since CRY was first launched in 1995, there’s always been a huge focus on supporting families and individuals through the aftermath of a young sudden cardiac death – as well as funding research and screening to help prevent these devastating tragedies. That focus has never wavered in CRY’s 25-year history and has been at the […]

CRY Update Magazine Issue 80

Issue 80 of the CRY Update magazine covers all news, events and fundraising from September to December 2019. This issue includes features on plenty of key events, including the latest CRY Conference, the CRY Great Cake Bake, and the 10th CRY Durham Walk, along with major developments such as the funding CRY received from the Tesco Bags of Help Centenary Grant.

Update Magazine Issue 79

CRY Update 79 reports on all news, events and fundraising from May to August 2019. In May, we found out that CRY had been selected for the Tesco Bags of Help Centenary Grant in 10 regions across the country, which gave people a chance to vote to support CRY using their tokens after shopping. You […]

Dr Sabiha Gati – What it means to be a CRY Research Fellow

On May 11 we hosted the first CRY Family Research Day, giving some of our supporters a chance to learn more about the massive impact of our research.  Dr Sabiha Gati described what it means to be a CRY Research Fellow. She shared what her time with CRY involved, from serving as a specialist at […]