East Postcard

Twelve families across the East of England (Essex to Lincolnshire) are helping to launch a major regional campaign to highlight the shocking statistic* showing that the number of young people who lose their lives to the tragic condition sudden cardiac death now stands at 12 every week – a staggering 50% rise on previous estimates. *The

Paddy Jelen – Suffolk

Nina was an apparently healthy girl, happy and well-adjusted. She had had no major illnesses and was quite athletic – swimming and playing soccer for her High School team in the States, where we lived for several years, and playing squash at university. At 4 years old Nina had an unresponsive episode early in the morning.

Striking at the heart of the young

Something quite extraordinary occurred last week in the powder-blue 18th-century chamber that houses the Coroner’s Court in Stamford, Lincolnshire; an eminent doctor offered a grieving family an unconditional apology. David Chadwick, formerly a professor of neurology at the University of Liverpool and the now the president of the Association of British Neurologists, admitted that his department had