CRY Update Magazine Issue 81

Issue 81 of the CRY Update reports on all news, events and fundraising from January to April 2020. This is also the first issue of our new and improved digital editions of the Update, featuring links throughout that will take you straight to relevant pages on the CRY website, social media posts from recent months, […]

CRY Update Magazine Issue 80

Issue 80 of the CRY Update magazine covers all news, events and fundraising from September to December 2019. This issue includes features on plenty of key events, including the latest CRY Conference, the CRY Great Cake Bake, and the 10th CRY Durham Walk, along with major developments such as the funding CRY received from the Tesco Bags of Help Centenary Grant.

Update Magazine Issue 79

CRY Update 79 reports on all news, events and fundraising from May to August 2019. In May, we found out that CRY had been selected for the Tesco Bags of Help Centenary Grant in 10 regions across the country, which gave people a chance to vote to support CRY using their tokens after shopping. You […]

Update Magazine Issue 78

CRY Update 78 reports on all news, events and fundraising from January to April 2019. In March we announced two new additions to our group of CRY Ambassadors: England and GB international hockey player James Gall and artist Katy Jade Dobson. You can read about James and Katy and why they decided to support CRY […]

Charity Ball to be Held In Memory of Father and Son

Evening Telegraph, 25th July 2019 Five years ago, Pete McAvoy passed away at 22 years old after suffering a cardiac arrest. Since his death, his father Peter Snr has campaigned for the detection of similar undiagnosed heart conditions. However, last year at the the age of 60, Peter Snr passed away. Now friends and family […]

Dundee and Crieff screenings in memory of Pete McAvoy

On the weekend of the 8th and 9th of June 2019, 157 local young people were screened at a pair of screenings at Harris Academy in Dundee and Crieff High School in Crieff. The screenings were held in memory of Pete McAvoy.

Broughty United AFC climb Ben Nevis for CRY

On Saturday 11th May, players and friends (and even one pet) of Broughty United AFC took part in a sponsored climb of Ben Nevis. For many of us it was our first experience of climbing a mountain, so what better challenge than to go for the biggest in the UK. The day went well with […]

London Marathon 2019 Write Up

London Marathon Write Up 2019 Congratulations and a huge thank you to all the CRY runners who took part in the Virgin Money London Marathon 2019 on Sunday 28th April. We’re extremely proud of all our runners and grateful to them all for choosing to support us. 108 runners supported CRY this year, running the […]

Update Magazine Issue 77

Read Update 77 here CRY Update 77 reports on all news, events and fundraising from September to December 2018. There were plenty of major events throughout this four-month period. We were thrilled to be so well represented at the Great North Run on September 9, with 50 runners taking part for CRY. You can read […]

Update Magazine Issue 65

Read Update 65 online here. The CRY Update is the charity’s newsletter, reporting on CRY news and events, cardiac screenings, breaking developments in medical research and CRY supporters’ fundraising over the preceding months.