Teams put heart into fund-raiser

Teams of young people will compete on fitness equipment to promote the importance of exercise.

The event on February 4 in the main square of the Arndale Shopping Centre in Terminus Road Eastbourne, will also promote the need for research into sudden death syndrome.

It is believed eight apparently fit young people die from undiagnosed heart conditions every week in the UK.

Eastbourne Mayor Graham Marsden, who taught 14-year-old pupil Jeremy Cole who died from the syndrome in 1995, has chosen Cardiac Risk In the Young as his mayoral charity.

Jeremy’s parents Nigel and Jenny, who live in Eastbourne, have led a campaign calling for widespread cardiac screening to help parents detect heart problems in their children.

Mrs Cole said: “This will be a great opportunity for the youth of Eastbourne to compete and show off their physical fitness.

“As well as raising funds for this charity, they will also raise awareness of potential cardiac conditions in young people.”

Teams of three will compete on each piece of equipment for ten minutes to register the greatest cumulative distance covered in 30 minutes.

The participants will be encouraged to collect personal sponsorship pledges and there will be a collection on the day among spectators.