Teen died of natural causes

A teenager tragically died of natural causes while cycling his bike up Ramshill Road, an inquest found yesterday.
Adam Everingham, pictured, who was 17 and a student at Yorkshire Coast College, collapsed between Sainsbury’s Local and the Ramshill Hotel on March 30.
The inquest at Scarborough County Court heard that Adam’s death was the result of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, brought on by previously undetected genetic problems with his heart.
Coroner Michael Oakley said that Adam’s medical records contained a “usual collection of normal childhood incidents,” and he had never experienced any serious health problems.
A statement from Kieran Balfe, a drama teacher who had witnessed Adam fall from his bike, was then read out.
“I was walking towards the town centre when my attention was drawn to someone falling to the ground,” Mr Balfe’s statement said.
“I did not know whether he was riding the bike or pushing it, but he appeared to drop sideways. There was no traffic on the road at the time. People were shouting for help. I ran across the road and a lady ran out of a shop. I lifted the bike off him and realised it was a young person. A doctor seemed to appear very quickly.”
Members of the public and paramedics attempted to resuscitate Adam for around 25 minutes, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.
Dr Mohammed Musa, consultant pathologist at Scarborough Hospital, said the post-mortem examination found Adam’s heart to be “normal”.
However abnormal electronic impulses detected in electrocardiogram (ECG) tests carried on the hearts of his parents, Suzanne and Paul, found abnormalities that Dr Musa believed had been genetically passed on to their son. Both Mr & Mrs Everingham were unaware of any abnormalities prior to the tests.
He explained although electronic impulses could not be measured after death, Adam “almost certainly” died because “unusual arrhythmias stopped the heart”.
After hearing the evidence, Mr Oakley said: “I shall record a verdict of natural causes.”
The number of people that die every year in the UK from Sudden Adult Death is unknown, as many cases are recorded as accidents.
Since the tragedy, Adam’s friends have been working to raise money for the Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) charity.
On Sunday, four Yorkshire Coast College students are embarking on a 16-mile walk from Falsgrave to Hayburn Wyke and back in Adam’s memory.
Lewis Baxter, who will be one of the participants, said: “Adam was a really popular lad and we wanted to do something to remember him and help the charity, which is probably one that not many people will have heard much of before.”
A group in honour of Adam on social networking website Face book has also been set up, and has attracted over 400 members.
Many of his friends have written on the group’s wall and shared their memories of the student.
Leanne-May Walsh wrote: “The quietest boy in our form but the one we could all trust. R.I.P Adam you’ll be missed x”.
Glenndee McCarroll added: “Truly an angel in our midst. Taught me how to surfboard on the Wii and brought a smile to my face every time I saw him.
“Adam, the gang at The Close will love you always and consider ourselves soooooooo fortunate to have know you. New Year’s Eve will always be yours.”
Adam was a former pupil of Scalby School and was a member of the Rounders youth drama group at Stephen Joseph Theatre.