Tribute is paid to a gifted youngster

A concert held in memory of a teenager who tragically died has raised over £1,000 for charity.
Alex Buckler (left), a talented sportsman and King’s School pupil, died, in January 2004, aged 17, of cardiac arrhythmia, a heart condition. In memory of Alex, a concert, organised by his parents Charles and Rosalind of Pear Ash Farm, Penselwood, was held at King’s School last Saturday.

More than £1,200 was raised for charity through ticket sales and donations, which is being donated to CRY, a national charity that has been running for ten years and aims to raise awareness of heart conditions in young people.

The concert was performed in the Fitzjames Theatre at the school and more than 160 people attended the event.

CharlesTribute is paid to a gifted youngster (Alex Buckler) alex pic Buckler, Alex’s father, speaking after the concert said: “There were a lot of family friends and people from Bruton and from nearby. It was incredible to see so much support and the school has also been great in supporting us.

“Perhaps more important than the money we raised is that we have helped enhance the profile of CRY.

“CRY aims to raise awareness of heart conditions in young people and supports a national screening programme.

“Often these conditions can be detected quite easily with screening, a lot of people’s lives could be saved.

“It also donates medical machinery to hospitals and surgeries and provides counselling and support for families like us who have been affected.

“A conservative estimate is that between five and six young people aged between 11 and 35 die every week in this country of a heart condition.

“A lot more research is needed. The medical authorities are not really clued up and the public certainly is not.”

He contrasted that with the situation in Italy, where schoolchildren Tribute is paid to a gifted youngster (Alex Buckler) friends picundergo compulsory screening to identify those who may be at risk.

The concert include d performances by two singing groups, the Quorum and the Cider Singers, who are both offshoots of the Stanchester Quire. Also performing at the event was classical guitarist and family friend Nathan Boston from New Zealand.

Solo performances were given by two of Alex’s friends and contemporaries, Rose Byfleet and Edward Marsh (right). The pair also performed a duet of The Magic Flute by Mozart.