Vitality London 10,000 2016

Thank you and congratulations to the 15 CRY runners who took part in the Vitality London 10,000 on Monday 30th May 2016, including CRY Consultant Cardiologist Professor Sanjay Sharma!

The atmosphere in Green Park, was, as in previous years, incredible. Nearly half of the CRY runners came to the meeting point before the race began and were greeted by CRY staff Rosie Peploe and Nicola Taylor.

Former CRY Research Fellow Sabiha Gati & CRY Consultant Cardiologist Professor Sanjay Sharma

By 10am all of the runners had set off to start the race. There was then a brief lull at Green Park, during the run, but it wasn’t long before runners started to cross the finish line and the park filled with runners, wearing their well-deserved medals, and proud supporters congratulating them.

There were two CRY volunteers, Lucy Bowyer and Teresa Granner, cheering along the route and they did a great job – as did all of the fantastic supporters that our runners brought along with them.

CRY runners who visited the meet and greet point after the run were given a warm welcome, some crisps, drinks and a goody bag by the CRY staff. James Shaw was the first CRY runner to return, dressed in a banana costume, with an amazing finish time of 52 minutes and 5 seconds!

In total, 11 CRY runners made their way back to the meeting area where they had their photo taken and were able to meet our other runners.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and it was lovely to see so many groups of family and friends united in support of their runners.

The 15 runners in the CRY team were: Mark Blease (running in memory of Mathew Blease); Jenny Boag (running in memory of Barry Nivett); Dr Sabiha Gati; Jordan Graham (running in memory of Lucy Jessop); Joshua Kay; Rebecca Kay (running in memory of Aashi Sinha); Abby and Ellie Mann (running in memory of Isabelle Tudisca); Professor Sanjay Sharma; James Shaw and Alfie Staples (running in memory of Alistair Calvert); Kate, Nick, Richard and Wanda Wilson (running in memory of Peter McAvoy).

Thank you and well done again to all of our runners. We are very grateful to them for choosing to run for CRY.