We want to know why these young people died

A North Wales mother whose daughter died of sudden adult death syndrome is now lending her support to other families who suffer the same tragedy.

Doreen Harley was devastated when her daughter, Lisa Jane Browne, 27, (picture left), a Countess of Chester Hospital nurse, inexplicably died in 1998. Her husband found her dead in bed one morning and all attempts to resuscitate her failed.

The official inquest verdict was open and cause of death unascertainable. The pathologist however said there was a possibility that Lisa could have had an electrical rhythm fault with her heart.

Now Mrs Harley is working with at least eight other families in the region to come to terms with sudden, unexplained deaths.

Some of the families in Flintshire and Chester have undergone screening to discover whether they suffer from a heart abnormality which could explain sudden deaths particularly in young people.

Mrs Harley, from Connah