Woman Cycles From London to Paris in Support of CRY after Discovering Heart Condition

Welwyn Hatfield Times, 20th September 2019

Twenty-nine year old Amy Lees was diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome, a condition which affects the electrical activity in the heart, at the age of twenty-six. After her condition was discovered, she was able to be fitted with an internal defibrillator that will restart her heart if it stops beating. On Wednesday 18th September, Amy set off on a 300 mile journey to Paris in support of Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY), hoping to aid the charity in raising awareness of heart conditions and sudden cardiac death in young people. She stated: “I found out when I was 26 that I had a genetic heart condition that young people have with no symptoms until sudden cardiac arrest. I found out that I had it by a fluke. The charity scans people who want to be scanned, as about 12 young people a week die from hidden heart conditions.”

Amy returned from her journey – which involved cycling 80 – 90 miles a day for four days – on Saturday. She has raised £1,500 for CRY and still hopes to raise £2,000 in total. On her JustGiving page she states: “I’m really grateful that charities like CRY help keep lots of young people’s tickers ticking, where like me they might not have had any symptoms of a genetic heart condition until they’re screened.”

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