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£1,000 raised from nailathon

NAILS Magazine – 23rd May 2017 Lunula Nails and Beauty Studio celebrated their third anniversary by holding a 24-hour nailathon for CRY. Read more

Dental nurse, 24, died from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome after ‘going to sleep and never waking up’

The Sun – 22nd May 2017 A vivacious young woman has been remembered as having “everything to live for” after she was struck down by Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Read more

The sudden death gene – scientists find exact strand of DNA that causes some to drop down dead – raising hopes of new test

The Sun – 11th March 2017 A genetic breakthrough offers new hope of beating the hidden condition that causes heart failure in athletes such as footballer Fabrice Muamba. Read more

‘I found my son dead in bed’ Mum’s horror at finding healthy ‘happy-go-lucky’ son, 14, dead three days before Christmas after he died from sudden cardiac arrest in his sleep

The Sun – 6th January 2017  A heartbroken mum has warned parents of the danger of sudden cardiac arrest after discovering her 14-year-old boy dead in his bed. Read more

Hidden heart conditions kill 12 young people every week

NetDoctor – 28th February 2017 Every week in the UK, around 12 young people die suddenly from a previously undiagnosed heart condition. And the majority experience no prior symptoms. Read more

Ground-breaking research sheds light on accuracy, cost-efficiency of routine cardiac screening in athletes – 23rd February 2017 A ground-breaking paper published simultaneously in two leading international heart journals [20 February 2017] casts fresh light on the current debate relating to the accuracy and cost-efficiency of the ECG as a screening tool to identify athletes with potential life threatening heart conditions – also showing promise for the future […]

Jason Manford paid £600 for a meet and greet with HIMSELF so he could grab an early night

The Sun – 6th December 2016 Exhausted Jason Manford outbid fans in a charity auction to win a meet and greet with him – because he needed his bed. Read more

Cardiac Screening; Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late…

The Huffington Post – 13th February 2017 Recently, (Wednesday 1 February, 2016 – the start of the annual awareness campaign, Heart Month) the British Heart Foundation issued a statement suggesting “around 620,000 people in the UK are carrying a faulty gene that puts them at high risk of developing coronary heart disease or sudden death.” […]

New study shows cardiac screening is cost-effective and must be offered to all young people

News Medical – 6th December 2016 The Government has “got it wrong” when it comes to listening to the recommendations of its National Screening Committee regarding the implementation of a UK cardiac screening programme for your young people. Read more

Heart checks: Who should be tested?

BBC News – 1st February 2017 Each week in the UK, about 12 seemingly healthy people aged 35 or under are victims of sudden cardiac death, largely due to undiagnosed heart conditions. Read more

Rates of young people dying from cardiac arrest 12x higher than official statistics

PoliticsHome – 2nd February 2017 PoliticsHome speaks to Cardiac Risk in the Young’s CEO, Dr Steven Cox, about why sudden death syndrome in the young is not the ‘tiny issue’ the National Screening Committee has made it out to be. Read more

Free health MOT for first time Virgin Money London Marathon runners over 40 – 26th October 2016 The Virgin Money London Marathon’s medical director is looking for first time marathon runners over the age of 40 to participate in a heart and knee research study. Read more

Father spends four years and £15,000 building a ‘dream’ tribute to his beloved Tottenham Hotspur

Daily Mail – 22nd October 2016 …Last year devoted father Chris Embling took home the top prize after he spent thousands on building a games room in tribute to his dead son Rory, who was struck down by sudden arrhythmic death syndrome. Read more

Screening toddlers for heart disease

Boots WebMD – 27th October 2016 New research involving more than 10,000 children in England says a heel prick blood test (known as a heel-stick test) on 1 to 2 year-olds can identify those with an inherited condition which can lead to an early heart attack. Read more

Leading heart charity urges all MPs to make pledge to help save young lives – 26th November 2016 The leading heart charity, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) is urging all MPs to make a pledge to support a National Strategy for the Prevention of Young Sudden Cardiac Death to help save young lives. Read more

Herkimer Generals honor life of former captain on Pete McAvoy Night – 14th September 2016 The Herkimer College men’s soccer team held Pete McAvoy Night as the team hosted Tompkins Cortland Community College on Wednesday. Read more

Original 2010 Team Sky jersey worn by Bradley Wiggins up for auction

Cycling Weekly – 15th November 2016 With Bradley Wiggins beginning his final week of racing at the Ghent Six on Tuesday, you’ve now got the chance to own a little bit of history by buying one of his original Team Sky jerseys. Read more

Great North Run 2016 – BBC Coverage

CRY runner and ex-Sunderland footballer Michael Gray was interviewed before the race by Kaiser Chiefs lead singer Ricky Wilson (56:17). Former British athlete Colin Jackson then interviewed CRY runners after the event in the CRY tent (3:42:35) Watch the interviews here

'I found my son dead in bed' Mum’s horror at finding healthy ‘happy-go-lucky’ son, 14, dead three days before Christmas after he died from sudden cardiac arrest in his sleep

The Sun – 6th January 2017  A heartbroken mum has warned parents of the danger of sudden cardiac arrest after discovering her 14-year-old boy dead in his bed. Read more

Girl, 17, fitted with life-saving pacemaker after school screening spots major heart defect

The Sun – 8th October 2016 A student told she had a major heart defect after attending a school screening has been fitted with a life-saving pacemaker – at the age of just 17. Read more

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat – 4th October 2016

CRY Chief Executive Dr Steven Cox talks to Newsbeat following the tragic death of Daniel Wilkinson and calls for all young people who play sport to be screened for heart conditions. Listen here

Daniel Wilkinson death: ‘Too many are being lost to cardiac issues’ – experts

BBC Sport – 4th October 2016 All young people involved in sport should be screened for underlying heart conditions, experts say. It comes three weeks after 24-year-old non-league footballer Daniel Wilkinson died during a game. Read more

Student, 19, found dead at Sheffield Hallam University from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

The Sun – 29th September 2016 A 19-year-old student who was found dead in her student lodgings after returning to university for the second year of her studies has been remembered for her “big smile”. Olivia Mae Woodward, who was discovered in Sheffield Hallam University’s Exchange Works halls of residence, died from Sudden Adult Death […]

Nicola’s Great South Run in memory of boyfriend – 29th September 2016 A woman whose partner tragically died when they were both taking part in a charity cycle will take on the Great South Run with a team of supporters after setting up a running group in his memory. Read more

‘Beautiful and caring’ student, 19, died in her sleep at her university halls of residence from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

Daily Mail – 29th September 2016 The family of a student who died suddenly in her sleep have paid tribute to a daughter who was ‘beautiful inside and out’. Read more

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