#12 a week challenge – In memory of Mark Hudson

At the beginning of November, my sister saw this event advertised and suggested that we do it together.  It was such a fun thing to do but also with a very important message.  As soon as she mentioned it to her family, they all wanted to take part too. So we both set up a fundraising

Cake Bake 2020 in Memory of Anthony Fitzgerald

This year was bound to be different in terms of raising awareness and funds for CRY. However, we did not let that get in the way! On Sunday 22nd November 2020 we hosted an online private event, which was a cake competition and raffle. A presentation was created and screen-shared on Skype. The presentation had photos

Running AIR 10k For CRY

“I have never taken part in a race before and I signed up for the AIR 10k (Audio Inspired Running) with Richmond Running Festival, in December 2020 as a challenge to myself since getting into running during the first lockdown and a way to raise money for CRY. The event took place all within Kew Gardens

Mike 28th December 2020 (24 years)

In the days after you died Mike I thought I’d go mad To think I wouldn’t see you again made me so sad What was worse was only six weeks away We should have been celebrating your 18th birthday Though my heart was broken my head was spinning too With so many special things I wanted

February 1997 – 18th Birthday – Poem in memory of Mike Scott

We can’t wish you good morning, nor kiss you goodnight, We can’t look at your face and we can’t hold you tight We can’t celebrate your birthday without you by our side, And the pain is so bad it hurts deep inside But you know that we love and miss you more every day So wherever

Swimming 60, Running 600, Rowing 600, Cycling 6000km over 2020

My challenge title is unfortunately, a bit of a mouthful. In fact it was a challenge in itself at the start of the year getting people to even understand what I was attempting to do. But I had always wanted to raise money for CRY in memory of my friend, Alex Hubbard, and I would be

Darrone’s walk from London to Brighton

On the 5th December I walked the 52 mile journey from Charing Cross to Brighton in memory of Richard Dunk, my brother-in-law, who’s life was sadly taken away from him far too early, leaving behind his wife and my amazing sister Sarah, and their 5 month old son, Jenson. Richard was 26 years old when he

Danny & Tom London Bridges 30 Mile Challenge

Once COVID-19 lockdown restrictions ruled out the undertaking of our original fundraising ultramarathon challenge, we set about organising our own. Taking inspiration from an adventure blogger (theordinaryadventurer.com) we decided to tackle the London Bridges 30-mile challenge. Starting in Hampton Court and finishing on Tower Bridge, crossing the 26 bridges accessible to pedestrians over the Thames along