Facebook Support Group Rules

These groups are exclusively for people who have lost a young person to a sudden cardiac death. Members must be aged 18 and over. Please respect everyone’s input and the confidentiality of the group, and be sensitive to the personal nature of the messages shared. Please respect everyone’s views and opinions (e.g. religious and other […]

Run to the Beat Half Marathon 2013

Thank you and congratulations to the 23 CRY runners who took part in this event on Sunday 8th September at the new venue of Greenwich Park. The music, as always, was uplifting and the atmosphere electric. A special mention to the runners from the Four Pillars Hotels Group and Zoom Media. Both companies have very […]


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Receiving information from CRY by post / email Please provide contact details if: You currently receive CRY information and are confirming that you would like to continue receiving it; or You do not currently receive CRY information and would like to start receiving it Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

Deborah Anderson – Durham

My name is Deborah Anderson and I was truly blessed to have four healthy fit children. Three daughters and one son. Then in 1998 my son, Dean, caught a chest infection and my family doctor, who examined him, said she thought he may have a heart murmur and would like to have him checked at […]

Martin Appleby – West London

When I was a young (20) Insurance Agent, I insured a young girl – single parent. She died suddenly, and the tragedy shook me. I am an old colleague of CRY’s Fundraising Manager, Rebecca Zouvani, and I am relieved to discover that something can be done. At the time, no-one had any idea why the […]

Kenny Bowen – Teeside

“We lost our 19 year old son Ian in October 1996. Ian had played golf in the morning, been to his part time job in the afternoon and gone for a night out with his mates. He collapsed and died one hour after leaving home. The worst part about Sudden Death Syndrome is that are […]

M&S Bridlington fundraising

This year the staff at Marks & Spencer in Bridlington have chosen to support the charity CRY, Cardiac Risk in the Young. It was the sudden and devastating loss earlier this year of James Moorfoot that lead to the staff choosing this charity. James aged 28 tragically died whilst playing football for Langtoft and through […]