Daniel Taylor

Tomorrow (4th May) marks five years since my little brother, Daniel Taylor suddenly died of a heart attack aged just 25. He lived in Muscat, Oman and I hadn’t seen him for a few years which couldn’t be helped but still fills me with regret but I guess that’s what hindsight is all about. To […]

Benjamin Michael Smith

One year ago today (15th May 2017), our beautiful 16 year-old son, Ben, was taken from us. Not a victim of violence, or an accident, or an illness. He simply died. I desperately want to believe in God & heaven…to take some comfort from that but if there is a God, a loving God as […]

Carl Shenton

The 28th of January is a significant date for us. It’s the date that we welcomed our first child into the world, Carl. A joyous day, yet 25 years later, it’s become the worst day of our lives. Instead of celebrating his birthday, we were sitting beside a bed in critical care, glued to the […]

Matthew Carscadden by Maisie Carscadden

From a little sister perspective, Matt was my best friend. He was the first one to teach me many things, including how to sneak an extra hour in bed before school (which involved us getting ready in our uniforms the night before and essentially just rolling out of bed out of the door! This lasted […]

Matthew Carscadden by Gary Carscadden

Matt was born in Portsmouth on 29th September 1989 and grew up in Gosport, Hampshire, I served as a marine engineer in the Royal Navy during his youth so he was always surrounded by sailors, ships, the sea and engineering. He went to Brune Park School in Gosport but wasn’t a studious type of boy […]

Sam Standerwick

Our son Sam was born on the 12 of November 1991, he was an “adventurous” boy with us always having to have eyes in the back of our head. He was into everything from ironing the carpet, flooding the house, and at four years old reversing my car off the driveway. Sam struggled with his […]

Stephen Ridgley

Stephen and I had been together for 12 years. We had our ups and downs like most couples but we always stuck together and we were best friends. We finally tied the knot in October 2015. We were inseparable – in all of the years the most we had ever spent apart was 7 nights. […]

Danny Brown

On Wednesday March 8th 2017, Danny walked in from work just after 4pm. He was his usual bright and happy self, we had a chat about what our day had been like, before he went down to his room which is a large cabin/annex down the garden. He appeared at the back door some ten […]

Jamie Loncaster

Jamie was full of energy and enthusiasm for life. One friend said that he had fitted a lifetime of talking into 13 years. How very true! He was loved by all those who met him and in his eulogy we explained how his name mirrored his character: Joker Articulate Mature Intelligent Extrovert Jamie sadly passed […]

Aaron James Dixon

Aaron James Dixon born on the 23rd September 1987. Aaron was a much longed for child and I loved him beyond words the first moment I saw him. Aaron was such a beautiful, happy and contented baby. He grew into a very handsome, cheeky, fun-loving boy . Aaron was loved by everyone he met and […]