Morphometric characterization of collagen and fat in normal ventricular myocardium

Former CRY Research Fellow Dr Chris Miles’ recent research helped demonstrate how new computer software can help identify and analyse abnormalities in the heart that we may not be able to see otherwise. Dr Miles’ paper, entitled “Morphometric characterization of collagen and fat in normal ventricular myocardium” (Miles C, Westaby J, Ster I C, et […]

Sudden death and left ventricular in arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy

Miles C, Finocchiaro G, Papadakis M, Gray B, Westaby J, Ensam B, Basu J, Parry-Williams G, Papatheodorou E, Paterson C, Malhotra A, Robertus JL, Ware JS, Cook SA, Asimaki A, Witney A, Chis Ster I, Tome M, Sharma S, Behr ER, Sheppard MN Sudden death and left ventricular in arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy American Heart Association Journal, […]

Anomalous Coronary Artery Origin and Sudden Cardiac Death

Gherardo Finocchiaro, MD, Elijah R. Behr, MA, MBBS, Gaia Tanzarella, MD, Michael Papadakis, MBBS, MD, Aneil Malhotra, BSC, MBCHB, PHD, Harshil Dhutia, BSC, MBBS, Chris Miles, MBBS, Igor Diemberger, MD, PHD, Sanjay Sharma, BSC, MBCHB, MD, Mary N. Sheppard, MBBCH, BAO, BSC, MDc This study sought to describe the clinical and pathological features of anomalous […]

Update Magazine Issue 76

Read Update 76 here CRY Update 76 reports on all news, events and fundraising from May to August 2018. We had plenty of highlights in all areas through the summer. CRY’s research continues to make an impact, including Dr Aneil Malhotra’s paper on the incidence and causes of young sudden cardiac death in adolescent footballers, […]

CRY Update Magazine 75

CRY Update 75 reports on all CRY news, events and fundraising from January to April 2018. We experienced a host of highlights through this four-month period. In March, our screening programme surpassed a total of 150,000 young people screened, which is an incredible milestone for us to reach. Furthermore, to discuss our progress and the […]

British Cardiovascular Society Conference 2018 – Dr Steven Cox

Once again the team of Cardiac Risk in the Young doctors led by Professor Sanjay Sharma have had a massive impact at the British Cardiac Society conference this week. Some of the highlights included presentations from Prof Sharma, Dr Michael Papadakis, Dr Elijah Behr, Dr Sabiha Gati and Dr Aneil Malhotra. But the real highlight […]

New Insights Into Key Cause of Sudden Death Among Young Athletes

Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) is a rare inherited heart condition that has long been recognised as an important – yet elusive – cause of sudden cardiac death among young athletes. However, new research funded by the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) is challenging the conventional belief that ARVC is predominantly a disease […]

CRY Update Magazine 73

Read Update 73 here. CRY Update 73 reports on all the CRY news, events and fundraising from May to August 2017. In June, CRY launched a new version of its main website. The site immediately saw the number of visitors double in the first month and has consistently recorded more visitors per month than before […]

Rivington & Blackrod High School Screening

The Patterson Family screening was held at the Rivington & Blackrod High School in Bolton on Saturday the 13th of January 2018. 98 young people were screened in memory of Andrew Patterson.