Update Magazine Issue 78

Read Update 78 here CRY Update 78 reports on all news, events and fundraising from January to April 2019. In March we announced two new additions to our group of CRY Ambassadors: England and GB international hockey player James Gall and artist Katy Jade Dobson. You can read about James and Katy and why they decided

Update Magazine Issue 68

Read Update 68 online here. The CRY Update is the charity’s newsletter, reporting on CRY news and events, cardiac screenings, breaking developments in medical research and CRY supporters’ fundraising over the preceding months.

CRY Update Magazine 75

CRY Update 75 reports on all CRY news, events and fundraising from January to April 2018. We experienced a host of highlights through this four-month period. In March, our screening programme surpassed a total of 150,000 young people screened, which is an incredible milestone for us to reach. Furthermore, to discuss our progress and the importance

CRY Update Magazine 73

Read Update 73 here. CRY Update 73 reports on all the CRY news, events and fundraising from May to August 2017. In June, CRY launched a new version of its main website. The site immediately saw the number of visitors double in the first month and has consistently recorded more visitors per month than before the

CRY Update Magazine 72

Read Update 72 here. CRY Update 72 reports on all the CRY news, events and fundraising from January to April 2017. February saw over 20 years’ worth of CRY research help to inform new international ECG guidelines for screening athletes, led by CRY Consultant Cardiologist Professor Sanjay Sharma. Our work is making a difference and gaining

CRY Update Magazine 70

Read Update 70 here CRY Update 70 reports on all the CRY news, events and fundraising from May to August 2016. The 10th annual CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk took place on June 26, and another fantastic turnout of over 1,200 supporters took part in the new route for 2016. We very much appreciated all

#RainbowRob painted rocks

When the family marked the 12-month anniversary of losing Robert in July, we began painting rocks with #RainbowRob and a rainbow. These were then sponsored for a donation of £1 and people were able to place them somewhere special; both locally and further afield. The rocks have been immensely popular and very-well travelled! Rocks have been

#RainbowRob pamper party

We decided a while ago to hold a Pamper Party at the end of the summer holidays so people could attend and relax before returning to work (and after entertaining their children for 6 weeks whilst school was closed!). The Pamper Party was held at Rowena’s house (Robert’s sister) where a large gazebo was set up

Asda Foundation York 10k in memory of Robert Heyes

I ran the Asda Foundation York 10k for CRY in memory of Robert Heyes who was my friend and also a work acquaintance too. We shared similar interests in technology and I will always remember his warmth and rather witty sense of humour. One evening after Robert’s passing, and to the surprise of my wife I