This page contains poems which have been written by CRY supporters. If you would like your poem to appear on this page, please email it to mystory@c-r-y.org.uk or post it to the CRY office.

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Missing you – poem by Kathryn Badon

How much do we miss you Adrian? Every minute of every day – we know you are not there, No brotherly hugs, no loud giggles and laughter. Where there was a strong life force – there is emptiness, silence, nothingness. The energy, the storm, the character, the chaos, the unpredictability. The lion heart, the courage, […]

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19th February 2018

Christmas without Adrian – poem by Kathryn Badon

It will be an empty Xmas without Adrian, I remember him so full of fun each year, The presents he would pick were always perfect, That is why we always held them very dear. Now we struggle on to give our life a purpose Whilst in our head we always question why? What made this […]

9th February 2017

15th CRY Parliamentary Reception – 23rd November 2016 – poem by Kathryn Badon

CRY awareness week was buzzing, And I was given a delight, Two tickets for the Parliamentary Reception, For a very special night. My MP he was willing, Greg Mulholland there to have his say Recognising it’s a worthy cause, Supporting screening all the way. The speakers giving a strong message, To those with Parliamentary power, […]

29th November 2016

Why do you cry? – poem by Kathryn Badon

Why do you cry for no reason? I saw your tears so readily fall, One moment you were smiling and happy, Not sure anything happened at all? Well it did – in my head I was thinking, I saw my late son’s smiling eyes, And for that solitary moment, He was with me again by […]

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22nd September 2016

My Child – poem by Kathryn Badon

My child when first you did appear I shed a mother’s joyous tear. And then as first you started to walk With motherly love of you I’d talk. When then my child you did start to run I’d chase and laugh, we’d have such fun. First horse riding your passion and joy, As through Meanwood […]

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29th June 2016

Adrian Badon poem by Kathryn Badon

There is a hole in my family where my son used to be, Two siblings left, where there used to be three. On Easter and Christmas and birthdays it’s worse, Feels the wrong thing has happened – a family curse? In all of this sadness we must all find a way, of being able to […]

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6th May 2016

Adrian's birthday – poem by Kathryn Badon

It was Adrian’s birthday on the 8th February and I wrote a poem in memory of the day: My dearest Adrian, Happy Birthday, Wherever you may be, I can’t help myself from looking Your handsome face I hope to see. Whilst in my mind I know you’ve left us, Inside my heart won’t let you […]


23rd February 2015

Adrian's message to his son – poem by Kathryn Badon

Adrian’s message to his son Welcome to the world dear Drey So sorry I’m not there, It is as if we both were cheated Of the things that we might share. I did not choose to leave you It was a cruel hand of fate How sad for you my baby To have a father […]

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29th January 2015

Forever Young – by Heather Walker

For my son Ryan, who collapsed and died at home on Monday 7th July. He was 24, and had graduated from University. He’d just returned from New Zealand where he was a Cricket Coach teaching High School children and was about to go back in October for another 6 months. He was also due to […]

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4th November 2014

Adrian Badon poem

Adrian’s Poem. My handsome fine young son will breathe no more, A cruel hand of fate has stolen away the Adrian I adore. No more to hear his laughter or his pain, And from now on my life’s just not the same. The family bond we always knew we had, Is bereft of one, and […]


26th August 2014

Coach Dominic – by Mike Newman

Coach Dominic (by Daddy aged 43) Forty five minutes a week for 11 weeks is all we knew Coach Dominic for, less than a day, but in that time I met a ‘young man’ that Brian Clough would have been proud to know. He was fantastic with the little people and they all responded to […]


8th May 2014

Coach Dominic – by Ellis Newman

Coach Dominic (by Ellis aged 2) We met Coach Dominic at the beginning of October just after my 2nd Birthday. I loved kicking and Daddy took me to little Kickers on a Saturday in Chigwell, just me and him… well, me him and some other boys and girls, all little like me and coach Dominic. […]


CRY – by Clare Sykes

CRY When a cherished one leaves overwhelming the grief Don’t want to know or even believe When a loved one dies you sit and CRY Asking yourself the question why? There smile forever a memory shared There voice still prominent as if just herd The tears of sadness fall down my cheek Desperate to talk, and […]

Nature’s Angel – by Aimee Pattenden

Nature’s Angel Hear my whisper in the breeze When the wind blows through the trees Feel my touch in the air And know that I am always there Hear my song with the birds And listen to my every word I sing to you all day long And hope that you can hear my song […]


Poem for Nath – by Angela Butler

Poem for Nath We’ll never be able to put into words How much we miss you Nath We miss your laughs, your jokes, your tricks, Your happy smiling face We miss what you’d have grown to be As you achieved your dreams The friendship and the love we’d share How proud we would have been […]

Our Kasia

Our Kasia Our darling daughter is now not here, And every day we shed a tear, Hoping and praying that she is near, Most of our days are so hard to bear, Knowing that she is now not there. We miss her laughter, fun and singing, And all the joy she would be bringing, I […]


For my beautiful daughter Katie Hayes – by John Hayes

For my beautiful daughter Katie Hayes Nothing prepared me for this I never knew there could be so much pain and sorrow So many tears have been shed So many lives have been devastated Life seems so fragile now You use to light up the room The days are now long and grey Why were […]


The Marcus Way – by Mick Jolly

The Marcus Way The cry of ‘Fore’ Where did that go? Don’t worry mate Have another go A pat on the back A quip and smile On we would walk And chat a while He was so good And me so bad He would laugh While I got mad He hit them long I hit […]

An Angel’s Message – by Aimee Pattenden

An Angel’s Message An angel flew down from above She was looking for the perfect soul Someone filled with innocent love As a new angel to enrol He had to be sweet and kind A perfect angel to be Not the quickest soul to find She knew it wouldn’t be easy But there he was […]


October – by Richard Walker

October October, and the end of summer memories A reminder now, when warm the sun shines In those clear cloudless skies A view across the open fields Where new the furrows lie These days, shorter now, but loved by all The autumn is before us when golden leaves will fall The forest, changed from its […]


Precious Son – by Jackie

Precious Son Marcus how I miss you My heart so full of pain, To think that you have left Life will never be the same. I talk to you each evening In the hope that you will hear, I sit with you in the daytime Hoping you are still quite near. Your car stands on […]


Time Is No Healer – by Sandra Chapman

Time Is No Healer Your heart stopped beating two years ago The same time mine broke in two Life is hard now you’re not here Nothing the same without you I ask questions still That have no answers So I can never rest Although I know you are at peace And I am trying my […]

I See No Ravens – by Richard Walker

I See No Ravens Although this day is dark and grey Although this day I might lose my way There is hope before me in the light When towards new dawns I turn my sight As the shroud of darkness begins to lift And new beginnings stop the drift There I see new ways to […]


Its sometime now since you have gone – by Debbie Smart

Its sometime now since you have gone Its sometime now since you have gone, But somehow we have to carry on, We miss your voice, your laugh and That Whistle, So here we are you’ve left us ‘ripples’ Since you are gone, the sun has shone, The moon has waxed and waned, But life for […]


We have joined a group of elites – by Debbie Smart

We have joined a group of elites We have joined a group of elites, Whose families are no longer complete, But we’ve not lost our Dads & Mums We have lost our daughters & sons. So now we join the poor sad families, Who regularly visit the cemetery, Not to visit our wives or mother, […]

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